NOTE: This section is related to mobile / iPhone-related browsing issues only. For general site help, please click here or contact HELPDESK for assistance.
About SDC Mobile, iPhone Edition
This edition of was developed for the Apple iPhone. We have endeavoured to make it as simple and feature-rich as our main site; however, given the difference between a desktop computer and a mobile device, there are several differences to take note of:
Sized just right: The site has been sized to perfectly fit on an iPhone screen without the need for resizing or tilting the phone screen horizontally. However, zooming in and out has been enabled to help you get a better view. For more information on browsing and page zooming, please see Apple iPhone Support.
Simplified interface: We've concentrated on the features members need most while on the go and laid them out in a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. We've limited graphics and other media to be friendlier to cellular and other wireless connections.
Core feature set: several features (such as blogs, SwingTalk, chat and others) are not available in the mobile version. These features and others may be added in the future as mobile devices become more powerful.
How to Use SDC Mobile
It all starts with the SDC logo in the top-left corner of your screen. Once you are logged in, clicking the SDC logo will always take you to the main menu. Buttons are clearly labeled and most pages should have a similar layout that should make it easy to familiarize yourself and quickly browsing the site in no time.